Partition Configurator

Step 1System/style 

  • Windsor
  • Regent
  • Contemporary
  • Premier
  • Quintrex
  • Liberty
  • Pinnacle
  • Horizon
  • Streamline
  • Kindy
  • Privacy Panels

Step 2Privacy Screens 

Step 3Board - Doors 

Step 4Colour - Frontals 

Same colour as doors

Different colour

Step 5Colour - Divisions 

Same colour as doors

Different colour

Step 6Colour - Privacy Panels 

Same colour as doors

Different colour

Step 7 Hardware 

Step 8 Layout 

Do you have a drawing or a sketch that you want to upload?

Yes No

If no drawings please select one of the plan types below.

  • Corner Left
  • Corner Right
  • Between Walls
  • Left Alcove
  • Right Alcove
  • Alcove Left w/ Corner
  • Alcove Right w/ Corner
  • Alcove Left w/ between wall units
  • Alcove Right w/ between wall units
  • Free Standing

Step 9 Partition Numbers & screens 

Choose the number of stalls




Choose number of urinal screens




Step 10 Dimensions and Door Swings



Please enter the measurements in the respective boxes using millimetres (mm) only. Use the slider at the bottom to scroll to right if required.

Select an option to indicate if each stall is a toilet or a shower. Shower cubicles will be provided with optional pricing for shower seat and splash panel.

You may also specify stall door placement using the drop down menu.

System 2032mm (H)
Doors and Divisions 1700mm (H)
If different heights required please detail in additional notes.
Divisional thickness is not calculated in overall dimensions.
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Step 11 Customer information & notes

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