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Largest Commercial Solar Installation Central W NSW

CTCI Waterloo Bathurst now has the largest commercial solar panel installation in the Central West - 380 panels powering 20-25% of total power consumption - providing a validated green building alternative for architect specification.

Our commitment to the investment to install this large number of panels shows the importance we place upon the environment and to take “Greenstar” projects one step further.  


"We are very pleased to be the first in the region to build such a landmark project, with the ability to generate enough renewable energy to power a quarter of our electricity needs.  The development of large-scale solar is vital to competitive Australian manufacturing and makes good economic sense where we have an abundant supply of solar energy." says General Manager David Norris.

To see the spectacular aerial view of the solar panel installation click on the video link. http://youtu.be/x0WncZ2gPcg

For further information contact Waterloo - Gregg Longmuir 02 6334 3222   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.